Observation Services

As part of its ongoing mission, ACC is committed to sharing information, ideas and insights about the successful management of observation units. Whether you work in a dedicated observation unit, a virtual unit or are about to lead a new or established unit, you can benefit from the knowledge and commitment that we bring to the complexities of observation care.

Creating the conditions for repeat positive outcomes is, in large part, the responsibility of leaders within the observation setting. Indeed, we believe the leadership factor is the primary differentiator of top performing observation units. We recognize that the skills and abilities of well trained observation staff can transform and operationalize the processes associated with observation care.

And, check out the frequently asked questions and additional resources we've posted on this topic so you can become even more familiar with the many issues related to the practical management of observation medicine and observation care.


Voice of the Expert

open quoteObservation is a complicated thing . . .

Frank Peacock, MD and FACEP
Dept. of Emergency Medicine
Baylor College of Medicine
Ben Taub Hospital
A well managed observation unit provides probability of successful outcomes. You know, observation is a complicated thing. . . because of the complexities of it, it's easy to drop the ball, and the patient can't go home when the ball's been dropped. The outcomes are better when you have that process [standardized observation protocols]. The management team is together and the people are educated and know what they're doing.close quote