Certified Cardiovascular Care Coordinator (C4)

Cardiovascular Care Coordinator Certification is a program for coordinators of Chest Pain, Heart Failure, Atrial Fibrillation, and Stroke. It is for cardiac healthcare professionals to enhance the skills necessary to be a successful Cardiovascular Care Coordinator. C4s learn:

  • What are the key qualities of a coordinator
  • What are the core competencies of a coordinator
  • Best practice team building development - core strengths for success
  • Project management: practical applications
  • Strategic data utilization
  • Provider education
  • Front-line staff education
  • Process improvement: tools of the trade

Why Get C4 Certified?

The benefits are endless:

  • Peer recognition
  • Certification
  • Exclusive C4 LinkedIn group E-mail alerts of news, re-Certification opportunities and Workshops
  • Subscription to Early Heart Attack Care (EHAC) mailings and promotions for you and your hospital
  • Possible member of a planning committee for educational offerings (workshops, Congress)
  • Special promotions

Save the Date - Registration Opening Soon.

The next C4 Workshop will be conducted March 5-6, 2018 in Orlando, FL (It will be a Pre-NCDR workshop).

The Cardiovascular Care Coordinator Certification program was created to promote competence and effectiveness in healthcare professionals who serve as coordinators in hospital cardiovascular programs, e.g., chest pain, heart failure, atrial fibrillation, stroke, etc.

The program focuses on five core competencies:

  • Project management; Team building
  • Strategic data utilization
  • First contact provider education
  • Process improvement
  • Coordinators who meet the eligibility requirements, attend the Cardiovascular Care Coordinator Certification Boot Camp, and pass the certification exam will receive the designation of CCCC

Objectives of Certification

  • Supports the effectiveness of cardiovascular care by promoting standards of competency for coordinators in leadership roles
  • Promotes professional and hospital success by helping coordinators define and obtain the requisite knowledge and skills to fulfill their responsibilities effectively
  • Provides special recognition to coordinators who demonstrate the mastery of acquired knowledge and skills by successful completion of the certification process
  • Identifies individuals with substantive knowledge and leadership skills for the benefit of all staff involved in the continuum of care for cardiovascular patients

Initial Certification Eligibility Requirements

  • Must currently serve in a Cardiovascular Care Coordinator role for a minimum of six months prior to attending the Boot Camp
  • Must attend a Cardiovascular Care Coordinator Certification Boot Camp
  • Must successfully complete the certification examination with a score of 80 percent or higher


  • The cost to attend the Cardiovascular Care Coordinator Certification Boot Camp and to take the exam is $695.
  • The application fee for recertification is $195; if the applicant chooses to re-take the exam (instead of acquiring the necessary CERPs) to meet the recertification requirements, the cost of the exam is an additional $295.

Certification Exam

For initial certification, the candidate must pass the examination with a total score of 80 percent or higher. The examination consists of both multiple choice questions that are completed online and essay questions that are submitted separately. We have contracted with unbiased third party reviewers for independent scoring of the essay questions. The exam must be completed by the deadline given at the Boot Camp and posted on the ACC Accreditation Services website.

Examination Honors Policy

The certification exam is an open-book test because coordinator professionals customarily carry out their responsibilities with access to numerous informational resources. Candidates are requested not to seek assistance from other individuals while completing the exam. The examination is offered on an honors system that assumes all candidates will act in good faith to ensure that their performance on the certification exam reflects their own personal knowledge and skills. If ACC becomes aware of any candidate who does not comply with this requirement, ACC reserves the right to disqualify the candidate without granting a refund of any fees. In addition, anyone found compromising the security of the examination by attempting to copy, record, or distribute questions in any manner will be permanently excluded from the certification process.

Following the Examination

When the deadline for the exam has passed, our independent scorers will grade all essay questions and calculate the total grade for each candidate. When all grades have been finalized, we will notify candidates via email of their performance. The score report will reflect either "pass" or "fail," followed by the specific raw score. Candidates who do not pass the exam may re-take it at a reduced fee of $195 at the next exam offering. Candidates who do not pass the second examination are considered "failed." Any repeat examination will require completion of a new application and payment of the full examination fee.

Awarding of Certification

Each candidate who meets eligibility requirements and passes the certification examination will receive a certificate testifying that the candidate has successfully completed all of the program requirements and is designated as a Certified Cardiovascular Care Coordinator (C4). This can be signified by "CCCC" after the individual's name. Each candidate will also receive a C4 lapel pin. Certification is valid for three years.


C4 Graduates have the opportunity to accumulate continuing education credits when attending certain ACC Accreditation Services events such as the annual Congress.

The goal of recertification is to ensure continuing competence of each C4 and maintain the standard of
professionalism and leadership in the cardiovascular care setting. Applicants who become a C4 will be eligible for recertification every three years.

For recertification to be granted, the C4 must:

  • Currently serve in a cardiovascular coordinator role (If there are unusual circumstances that prevent a candidate from meeting this requirement, contact ACC Accreditation Services for special consideration. Each case will be evaluated on an individual basis.)
  • Complete the recertification application form and submit it with the application fee of $195. This must be done prior to expiration of the candidate's current certification. All recertification documents and fees must be received by ACC Accreditation Services prior to the expiration date or the applicant will be subject to all initial certification eligibility requirements and fees.
  • Choose one of the following:
    1. Provide supporting documentation to demonstrate that the specified number of CERPs have been earned during the period of the candidate's current certification.
    2. Pay the exam fee of $295 and re-take the exam within the specified timeline given by ACC Accreditation Services.

See the C4 booklet (pdf) to learn more.