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Brothers "Bump Into" Each Other at Houston Northwest Medical Center

This article was contributed by Kris Parker, RN, and Chest Pain Center Coordinator at Houston Northwest Medical Center

When a 58-year-old man began having chest pain while at work, and was becoming increasingly lethargic, alert co-workers activated the local 9-1-1 system.

Enter Houston Northwest Medical Center and its unique STEMI system of care. On EMS arrival, they found a very lethargic patient, lying on the floor, with his head held by a co-worker. His initial EKG showed an acute Inferolateral MI.

Within one minute of recognition they notified the ER of the Cath Alert. The patient was taken directly to the cardiac cath lab while still on the EMS stretcher. After arrival in the lab, intervention was achieved in 12 minutes. The total door-to-balloon (D2B) time for this patient was a remarkable 18 minutes, with an EMS contact-to-balloon time of 39 minutes. The patient received PTCA treatment and two stents to the RCA and was discharged home ... just two days later.

One of the incredible parts to this story is that this patient's brother was scheduled for a diagnostic cardiac cath at the same time, and had to be "bumped" to put his own brother, who was experiencing a STEMI, on the table.
"We are grateful to agencies like the Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care (now ACC Accreditation Services) for helping us provide the highest quality patient care," said Kris Parker, RN, Chest Pain Center Coordinator. "And without your great processes, we wouldn't be able to give great care!"