What We Do

ACC Accreditation Services is dedicated to improving the care and outcomes of patients worldwide with suspected Acute Coronary Syndrome, Heart Failure, and Atrial Fibrillation through innovative cross-disciplinary processes.

Achieving this monumental goal requires ongoing education of every clinical care provider in the cardiovascular care chain in order to ensure that their actions give their patients the greatest possible chance to recover with the least amount of damage to the heart. In tandem with clinician education, we recognize that a better-informed public can be motivated to examine the habits necessary to prevent heart disease and heart attacks and be prepared to act in order to influence positive outcomes in case of a heart emergency.

We know that in the event of a heart emergency time literally translates to heart muscle. We believe that putting state-of-the-art processes in place across the medical universe is not just the best way; it's the only way to fight the scourge of cardiovascular disease. For this reason, we have dedicated ourselves to the global adoption of best practices and processes in the care and treatment of the most important muscle, the heart.

Fundamental to our founding mission is an accreditation program that provides hospitals with the tools necessary to improve and transform their cardiovascular care. Our accreditation programs ensure that systemic quality-of-care measures are met and the requisite protocols, processes, and systems are put in place. Our best-in-class accreditation services combine evidence-based science, quality initiatives, clinical guidelines and best practices to produce the most effective care delivery model for cardiovascular patients. We inject true process improvement into our methodology, ensuring that hospitals and hospital systems work together to change their process workflows from the bottom up.

Hospitals that are intent on connecting quality and cost with outcomes and patient satisfaction look to the College to help them create cardiovascular communities of excellence. Achieving accreditation status improves a hospital's productivity, patient throughput, and the quality and consistency of care. In short, it better positions a hospital as a preferred provider of cardiovascular care.

In Partnership With Our Accredited Hospitals, We All Achieve More

While we are not front-line providers of patient care, we are a resource that front-line providers turn to for an independent evaluation of their operational practices. As a valued partner, our role is to work with hospitals to make their efforts ever more successful. Our focus is to provide them with care processes that are designed to steadily improve their outcomes. Validation of care processes is achieved through measurement and reporting across the wider healthcare community. And as we gain knowledge in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, it is also our intent to continually share that knowledge with those who seek accreditation.

Accomplishing great objectives demands reliable resources, thoughtful collaboration, and outstanding dedication. Our vision and strategy is a product of the important work of many talented physicians, nurses, and educators. Our accreditation staff has gained knowledge, insight, and leadership through their own clinical experience and accomplishments. Like our clients, our success depends not only upon the outstanding efforts of many passionate people, but on the sound business practices of a strong, well-managed organization. We stand ready, as a reliable business partner, to help healthcare professionals navigate the challenges associated with cardiac patient populations.