Chest Pain Center Accreditation for Military Treatment Facilities

Our methodology for improvement is a self-assessment and an external peer assessment. We accumulate data, evaluate the level of performance and suggest ways to build in quality, cut costs and improve customer satisfaction . . . all at the same time. We recognize the unique challenges for the Military Treatment Facility (MTF) and believe that service members should have access to care that meets national guidelines and standards. Our accreditation program, which has been validated to improve care, has been adapted for the MTF to take into consideration military regulations and force protection protocols.

Our Accreditation Program Manager Ruth Cantu is part of the accreditation team supporting the Military Treatment Facility service line (known as Operation STEMI Care). Her FAQs about Operation STEMI Care provide more detail about the focus of this program, which is dedicated to standardizing care for nine million active, retired and dependent beneficiaries.

Learn more about Operation STEMI Care in Cardiology Interventions (March/April 2017).