System Wide Accreditations

The American College of Cardiology offers a Systems Accreditation Program to accomodate hospitals that are part of a larger healthcare system. As more hospitals are joined to larger healthcare systems, system administrators are finding that the system approach to accreditation can transform and improve the cardiac delivery model across the entire system — changing it from one of single implementation in isolation to one of collaboration that reaches across the larger entity. And as healthcare reform is changing the way hospitals are reimbursed, coordinated relationships between all cardiovascular stakeholders are essential. Using our accreditation model as the blueprint to drive process improvement, healthcare systems can now synchronize care through one set of standards to improve patient and financial outcomes across the board.

Benefits of System Accreditation:

  • Reduces variation of care
  • Breaks down communication barriers
  • Promotes group education through system workshops
  • Demands corporate commitment and accountability
  • Provides financial (volume) discounts

Hospitals seeking accreditation with ACC will find a roadmap to providing patient-centered care by forging tightly integrated relationships with EMS, emergency physicians, cardiologists, ancillary services, and post discharge services in the communities they serve.

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Voice of the Customer

open quoteIt really allows everyone to have a conversation about all the elements . . .

Lauren Fyock, RN
Piedmont Healthcare

One of the biggest reasons our system is pursuing System Chest Pain Center Accreditation is simply for the fact that it brings all the players to one table. For example, if you have one hospital that has door-to-ECG times down, and another hospital that doesn't, by being able to be at the same table together we can share ideas.
It's not looking at one "sister" hospital just completely jealous of how they can do this or why can't this other hospital do it. It really allows everyone to have a conversation about all the elements [of care] as well.
Not only that, it also allows us to standardize. Our hospital system in the Atlanta metro area is spread out geographically over 100 or so miles. And so to be able to standardize efficiently is very difficult without something to really drive us to do that. So that's what system accreditation is doing for us and we're super excited about pursuing that.close quote