Accreditation Services for Any Size Hospital or Hospital System

ACC Accreditation Services works with single hospitals and hospital systems to improve clinical processes for the early assessment, diagnosis and treatment of Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS), Heart Failure (HF), and Atrial Fibrillation (AFib).

The proven value of our operational model is evident in the benefits it delivers to single, stand-alone hospitals as well as hospitals that are aligned with larger hospital systems. So, whether moving forward as an individual hospital or collectively as a group of hospitals, you will work alongside our dependable, collegial, and responsive Accreditation Review Specialists to build better internal and external cardiovascular care processes and, even more importantly, better relationships with the patients and the communities you serve.

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Voice of the Expert

open quoteAccreditation Programs meet the needs of Hospitals and Hospital Systems.

Carol Smith
Director of Business Development
ACC Accreditation Services

We've noticed over the past few years that systems are really focused on removing the variation of care throughout their hospitals and we help them accomplish that goal for cardiovascular services.
We enable a group of hospitals to go through accreditation together as a team. Some of the benefits include: building teamwork amongst the hospitals, having them all contribute to the definitions of what their best practices look like within the accreditation guidelines, and sharing of their own best practices — it really makes the accreditation process more efficient and more rapidly increases standards of care. It also offers the system executive a way to monitor the consistency of services across all of their hospitals. close quote