Proving the Value of Process Improvement

Wondering what tools exist to disrupt the variance of care that delays early assessment, diagnosis and treatment of acute coronary syndrome, heart failure and atrial fibrillation? Wondering how to put your facility on the path toward exceptional performance?

The key is the adoption of process improvement techniques and the implementation of best practices found in the Accreditation Services offered through the American College of Cardiology.

It is not uncommon for ACC Accredited facilities to report significant and quantifiable results:

  • Improved patient outcomes — resulting in fewer readmissions — frequently as much as 20% or better
  • Strengthened position in the community — netting higher ED patient volumes — often as high as 10%
  • Increased revenues and decreased cost associated with criteria that rewards for better outcomes such as shorter Length-of-Stay — in many cases as much as 25%

Proven Value

Facilities that have earned accreditation are boosting patient outcomes while improving their bottom line. Time and again, cost of care has been decidely reduced by the accurate diagnosis and treatment of patients seen at facilities that have elevated their cardiovascular services through the insights gained in the accreditation process.

Join the elite group of hospitals that have earned accreditation and are now sharing statistics that demonstrate the power of process improvement.

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